Toyota RAV4’s Mud and Sand Mode -When, Why & How To Use

Toyota RAV4 provides you various modes to use. Suppose we can mention as an example “Mud & Sand”. It’s really important to know which mode works on which purpose or which mode is when to use. If you don’t know about the working purpose of those provided modes then you can’t be able to utilize it properly.

I will assist you by providing an explanation of the valuable drive mode and instructions on how to use it for optimal performance.


The Mud & Sand mode in the RAV4 is specifically created for driving on roads with higher resistance. It is most effective in situations where tires might get stuck, like on muddy or sandy roads.

The Mud & Sand mode detects wheel slippage and controls spinning. This is achieved by adjusting the engine throttle, as well as altering brake and drive force distribution. These modifications improve driving performance on unstable surfaces.

When the Mud & Sand mode is activated, the pre-collision system (PCS) and vehicle stability control (VSC) are both deactivated. Furthermore, fuel efficiency is temporarily reduced compared to using the Normal drive mode.

How To Use It

Understanding the Mud & Sand mode in your RAV4 is not complicated. Your vehicle is equipped with a multi-terrain selector that displays the different driving modes. The type of selector may vary depending on the model, appearing as either a switch or a dial.

Please refer to the following basic operating instructions, or consult your owner’s manual for more detailed information.

Activating or Turn on it:

Find the driving mode buttons on your RAV4 and look for the one labeled “Mud & Sand.” Press this button to engage the drive mode.

If your RAV4 has a drive mode dial, find the section labeled “Mud & Sand” and rotate the dial to the left until it reaches this mode. When activated, the dial will light up.

Disabling or Turn off it:

When you want to deactivate the Mud & Sand mode, do not push the button again. Instead, press the “Normal” drive mode button to change it.

If your RAV4 is equipped with the dial configuration, there is no need to turn it to deactivate the Mud & Sand mode. Simply press the “Push Normal” button located in the center of the circle. The dial’s illumination will turn off to indicate the change has been made.


Although the name suggests when Normal mode is useful, there are other occasions to think about switching to a different mode. Furthermore, I have some helpful tips to consider before engaging this drive mode.

When utilizing the Mud & Sand function, you may encounter these adjustments. None of these are unusual but are typical when using the drive mode.

If anything else happens, please seek assistance from your local mechanic or Toyota dealer.


What does mud and sand mode do?

The Mud & Sand mode enhances the RAV4’s traction in slippery conditions and is most effective when driving on sandy or muddy road surfaces.

What are the different drive modes on a RAV4?

The features available in your RAV4 will vary depending on the model year and the trim level selected. Your options may include normal, sport, ECO, trail, snow, EV, rock & dirt, and mud & sand.

What mode should I drive my RAV4 in?

Under usual driving circumstances, the Normal mode is generally the most suitable choice. There are also other drive modes available. For instance, if your tires begin to slip due to mud or sand, the Mud & Sand mode is optimal.


The RAV4, with its Mud & Sand mode, is prepared for all kinds of adventures. You can now travel on sticky surfaces without having to worry about getting the wheels stuck.

Even if you’re not planning an adventure, the Mud & Sand mode can be useful for avoiding getting stuck. Give it a try and see just how effective it can be.