Maintenance of VOLVO.

Maintenance of VOLVOEvery car owner knows that timely vehicle maintenance is the key to trouble-free operation. It is not only for new cars, but also for aged ones. However, it is worth remembering and that the maintenance of vehicles should take place exclusively at the service station, which are qualified to carry out those or other events.

Thus, maintenance of Volvo cars should be made either in the dealer centers or stations, which specialize in servicing cars of this brand, and received approval from the manufacturer.

During the service brake system verification of the effectiveness is made and determination of possible difference force between right and left wheels, and the presence and condition of all liquids. Furthermore, using the amplitude resonance measuring method spring and damper are checked. Also, do not go unheeded steering components, as well as toe-out on both axes. The main engine system is also checked, using mixture analyzer and opacimeter, the quality of their lights glow is also checked.