Clear Headlight Protection Tint Kit Install DIY Ford Explorer Headlight

This video will demonstrate the installation of a headlight armor headlight protection kit using a Ford explorer and are clear headlight protection kit. Before you begin you need your head light armor and lighting kit squeegee spray bottle straight water can do attitude your hair dryer microfiber towel and a reason I Once you have you had like clean go had missed down the surface of the lands with water.

2013 ford explorer headlightRemove the kit from the backing paper miss down the adhesive side. And apply it to the light. We’re gonna start by aligning the inner edge. Vertically from the real side. Generally make sure the rest it is ongoing. But you have that in your old age along. Why hadn’t squeegee the first few inches from top to bottom. So you have the entire inner edge sealed. Go ahead and lift the 2013 ford explorer headlight bulb kit and spray the lands in a piece of side down with water again. The line to the end of the head by.

But you’re happy with the alignment sweetie they center along the ridge above the projector. And from the top of the ridge down into the valley firmly in short firm strokes. Repeat the process from the top of the valley down. In short firm strokes. You can go ahead and warm the edge with a hair dryer to help soften the material. And then continue screeching in short firm strokes back and forth. Until you get to the edge of the Headlight by. The process for the area above the projector. Short firm strokes until you get to the edge of the kid. Left the remaining portion of the kit and miss down the adhesive side and the lens with water.

Relying to the end the kit. And squeegee from the area you finished at the back of the projector. Toward the corner. And then down the center line of the remaining portion and from the center line to the bottom. And from the center line to the top. Need doing the topic and stopped first at the little ridge and then roll the material over them. Ridge. Finish up by going over the kit with your microphone ivory tower the squeegee. Warm the edge of the hair dryer if necessary if you have any areas hanging off go ahead we trim them flash. And you’re done. Is it Headlight   for lighting protection kits for your specific application today.