2011 Nissan Altima Review

The 2014 Nissan Altima is the best car for you if you want a mid size sedan that manages a fairly low profile despite some high sales numbers. Baltimore is America’s third best selling car behind only the Toyota Camry and Honda accord yet it doesn’t seem to stand out in a way though sales numbers might suggest. Maybe that’s because almost one in 3 Ultimas can be found in a rental car fleet. Still that doesn’t detract from its long list of virtues from a spacious cabin to Sparky performance to good reliability ratings. Is that enough to put you in an ultima for more than just a vacation or a business trip. I’m Chuck geo metro join me for a car preview video review of the 2014 Nissan Altima. Ultimo returns in 2 model lines that 2.5 with the 4 cylinder engine and 3.5 with the V6 Both offer base S midline SV, and top line SL trim there’s also an entry level 2.5 feet model.

2011 Nissan Altima2014 updates including $850 sport value package that equips the popular 2.5 S model with alloy wheels remote engine start into rear spoiler. New Nissan Altima headlights HID. Every 2014 ultima comes with push button ignition and Bluetooth phone and audio streaming also standard is Nissan’s clever easy fill tire alert inflating attire it sounds the horn when you’ve reached the proper pressure. SV and SL models are available with the navigation system that now includes the nissanconnect apps system. This integrates iPhone and android smartphones in excess is Google online search Facebook Pandora and I heard radio among other apps. Along with the accord Cambrian Volkswagen Passat ultima remains among the shrinking number of midsize cars that still offers a 6 cylinder engine as well as a 4. Most ultima buyers go with the 182 horsepower 4 cylinder rivals tend to be smoother and more technically advanced. But this 2.5 liter is unfazed by everyday driving. With 270 horses to 3.5 liter V6 delivers robust performance in a linear fashion nope turbo charged for can match.

The sun was the first car maker to rely almost exclusively on a continuously variable transmission in place of a conventional automatic. It’s also was only transmission and although the automaker says this CBT is revised for 40 percent less friction EPA fuel economy ratings are unchanged. 31 miles per gallon combined to city highway for 2.5 models 25 MPG for V6 Still those are above average readings for the class and the CBT deserves much of the credit it’s gearless power delivery also influences all times road feel taking away some off the line crispness but adding punch to mid range and highway throttle response. Steering and handling are never sloppy but current up to that of an accord or must 6 in on broken pavement Ultimos sometimes jiggle in shorter more than these. This sedan regains comfort points for its roomy interior Nissan says it copied and NASA designed to create the supportive front seats. And rear passengers are well served by a spacious nicely elevated bench.

Folding rear seatbacks are standard to go along with the trunk that’s practical if about average in volume. Cabin materials are solid the dashboard nicely laid out in V. 6 models get paddle shifters for extra CVT control. All that rental business combined with above average factory incentives hopes sales numbers but hurts Ultimas residual value. Still you can get into a 2014 ultimo for less than a compatible Honda Toyota Mazda just about any direct rival except a Hyundai or kia. The 2.5 S ultimo started 23 0 190 and 286 gets you into a leather upholstered 2.5 SL V6 Ultimos start around 27 0. In both model lines SV and SL trims can be ordered with the technology package that includes navigation blind spot and lane departure warning and other goodies for a very reasonable 1100 Bucks. There’s no one asset that makes the 2014 ultima a compelling choice in the highly competitive midsize car segment. Perhaps it gets a little lost in the crowd because it’s an easy card alike but a difficult one to pigeon hole.